Terms and Conditions


The present document outlines the terms and conditions for using the BitiCodes website, which apply equally to all site visitors. By continuing to browse and use this website, you give your implicit consent to this agreement. If you disagree with these terms, you must stop using the BitiCodes website and services.

This website belongs to BitiCodes, and the present terms apply to the entirety of biticodes-app.io, plus any sub-sites we may create. Make sure to read through this agreement carefully to understand what your rights and obligations are.

In this agreement, we may interchangeably refer to ourselves as “BitiCodes”, “the BitiCodes website”, “us”, “we”, “our”, “this website” and related terms. We may refer to you as the “site visitor”, “user”, “customer”, “client” etc.

All site users must be of age to use the BitiCodes. Depending on your local jurisdiction, this may be 18, 21, or a different age. BitiCodes’s services are not suitable for minors.

Last updated: August 29, 2022

2. Risk Disclaimer

Please note that although the topic of this website is related to cryptocurrency and financial trading, BitiCodes does not offer brokerage services. We also do not claim to be professional financial or investment advisors, nor do we require or process any payments.

Our services focus on mediation in that we help traders find top-tier cryptocurrency brokers from around the globe. We draw on our extensive database of affiliated brokers to make recommendations to customers who register with us. All trading services, payment requirements, processing, software, etc., are provided by our broker-partners, not BitiCodes itself.

Though we strive to provide you with information about cryptocurrency trading and the financial markets, we make no guarantees that the content on our website is factual, relevant, accurate, or equal to professional investment advice. There may be a significant time gap between updating our website and your visit, which could make our website content outdated, considering how quickly the cryptocurrency market evolves.

We encourage you to do your own thorough research before making any investments and consult professional experts if you need more guidance.

Despite our efforts to provide you with essential information about the cryptocurrency world, we are not here to influence your investment decisions. Thus, BitiCodes will not be responsible for any choices you make after or while using our website. Always remember that financial trading, particularly cryptocurrency trading, carries many risks and may lead you to lose your entire invested capital. In the unfortunate event of a loss, BitiCodes cannot be held accountable. All investment decisions are your own.

BitiCodes welcomes clients from all over the world, except where legal restrictions apply to cryptocurrency trading. In that regard, we are currently unable to cater to users from the United Kingdom, where cryptocurrency CFD trading is prohibited via PS 20/10 of the FCA. Ensure you understand your own country’s cryptocurrency regulations before engaging our services.

3. Affiliate Disclaimer

When using the BitiCodes website(s), you will likely stumble upon affiliate links that lead to third-party websites, products, or services we endorse. BitiCodes might receive compensation from these third parties if you make a purchase.

Our commission comes at no extra expense for you and will be granted regardless of the outcome of your trading activities. BitiCodes will not be held responsible or liable in any way in the unfortunate event that you suffer any losses or manages after engaging with such third-party products, websites, or services.

4. Use of the BitiCodes Website

All of the information and other content on the BitiCodes website(s) aims to introduce you to the rich world of cryptocurrency trading. However, as much as we desire to keep you informed, we cannot guarantee that the content you see is factually accurate, timely, relevant, or comprehensive.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and dynamic, which causes the market situation to change often, sometimes dramatically. Thus, we may not always be able to update our website to reflect the latest developments, and some statements made by BitiCodes may seem outdated by the time you encounter them.

Though we aim to provide you with a stable and reliable service, it is possible that you may experience errors or service interruptions occasionally. In particular, you might not have access to the BitiCodes site or parts of it when our development team carries out website maintenance. BitiCodes is entitled to perform such maintenance or make other changes to our website(s) without notifying the Customer in advance.

Remember that all responsibility for any decisions the User makes regarding our website or third-party websites, products, and services we may reference lies with the Client. If you suffer any losses or damages after or during the use of this website or third-party sites we link to, BitiCodes will not be liable in any way. Keep in mind that the financial markets are extremely risky and may cause losses, so never invest more than you can afford to lose. Carry out due diligence and familiarise yourself with the risks before making any potentially dangerous decisions.

As far as references to third-party websites or other resources go, BitiCodes bears no responsibility regarding such content. We aim to hyperlink to products or information we believe would be useful to our customers, but since we do not own or manage those websites, we cannot guarantee or verify the content’s accuracy, truthfulness, or even your ability to access it.

5. BitiCodes Intellectual Property Protection

The entirety of our Website Content, which includes images, text, code, audio, video, and other resources, belongs to BitiCodes. Site visitors are not permitted to duplicate, share, spread, move, or modify our Website Content without our legal consent. You are also not allowed to distribute our content for free or in exchange for payment anywhere online or offline without permission.

Please contact us if you need to use our Website Content this way. We reserve our right to decline your request if it does not seem appropriate.

However, you can print out our Website Content for your own use.

6. Exclusion of Liability

BitiCodes bears no responsibility and cannot be held liable in case you experience any losses or damages due to:

(i) The BitiCodes website being temporarily out of order or inaccessible partially or in full.

(ii) Using any of the Website Content on BitiCodes or the third-party websites and other resources we might reference on our site(s);

(iii) Mistakes, inaccuracies, or misleading information on the BitiCodes website(s) or third-party web resources we hyperlink to.

7. Changes and Updates to the BitiCodes

To keep our product relevant and competitive, we may occasionally update, change, remove, or alter in other ways any or all of our Website Content, including this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Though we want our customers to stay updated on any changes, we may occasionally change things without notifying users in advance.

Any changes we make apply instantly when they go live on the BitiCodes website(s). The Customer is responsible for keeping up with any possible amendments made. Even if they are unaware of any changes, their continued use of our website(s) constitutes an agreement to the revisions.

8. Comments and Questions

We invite you to use the Contact Us form if you have any comments or questions about BitiCodes. Our team will reply to you at their earliest convenience, but no later than 30 days from the date we receive your request.

9. Cookies

In this section, we will go over BitiCodes’s use of cookies. To learn more about this topic, consult our separate Cookie Policy.

9.1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies play a crucial role in the operations of any website these days. By their nature, they are nothing more than simple text files created by our website’s server and stored on the device you used to access the BitiCodes. Their purpose is to serve as a unique identifier that allows our site to recognise you every time you return.

9.2. How Do We Use Cookies?

We use the information we can collect only through cookies to ensure our website is as easy and convenient to use as possible. Cookies help us give you auto-fill options, for example, or remember your site preferences. Additionally, they help us learn how our content performs and what optimisations we can make to it so that BitiCodes may be more enjoyable and useful in the future.

9.3. What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

You may see three different varieties of cookies when using the BitiCodes website.

9.3.1. Essential Cookies

This is the most important type of cookie when it comes to the functioning of the BitiCodes website. It helps our content perform the functions we have built into it, so some parts of our site might be completely inaccessible if you have opted out of the use of cookies, especially if you refuse this kind.

9.3.2. Google Analytics

In addition to functional cookies, our website also uses Google Analytics cookies, which provide us with further insights into BitiCodes’s performance. They help us learn more about how site visitors perceive and interact with our Website Content. This, in turn, is extremely useful feedback for our development team, who can then tweak and adjust content to make our website more convenient to use.

BitiCodes has an agreement with Google, which prevents the search engine from seeing our users’ data or using it for its own purposes. We do not create user profiles or monitor your activity on other websites.

9.3.3. Third-party Cookies

Because we sometimes include hyperlinks to other websites, products, and services, third-party pages might send additional cookies to your device.

9.4. Deactivating Cookies

Though we highly recommend that you allow BitiCodes to use cookies on your device, it is your right to decline. You can either say you disagree with our use of cookies in the pop-up message that shows up the first time you access our website or disable cookies altogether from your browser settings.

Please note that if you decide not to allow cookies, you may be unable to experience the BitiCodes the way it was intended, and some sections of our website might not work or display properly on your device.

10. Illegal Actions

All of our site users need to abide by any further national or international laws that apply. In addition, users should also be mindful of the way they express themselves online and refrain from comments and remarks that are abusive, hostile, demeaning or otherwise infringing upon other people’s rights. If we see users share such content on our website, we will remove it.

The Customer is also banned from posting malware, viruses, or links to resources containing malware, viruses, or other software that can harm our clients or us.

If any person violates this rule, we will take the appropriate measures. In the event that a crime is committed, we would contact the responsible authorities.