Privacy Policy

BitiCodes adheres to all relevant legislation about privacy and data protection, placing the utmost importance on the user’s right to privacy when using our website.

The present Privacy Policy outlines the methods whereby the BitiCodes website (also referred to as the Data Controller) gathers, handles, stores, removes or uses the Personal Data of site users. We perform these functions to the extent that the proper operation of our website and service requires it, following all privacy-related legislation that applies to our business.

If you are unclear about standard privacy law terminology, please refer to the last section of this Privacy Policy, which contains a glossary of the terms used in this document.

Bear in mind that we might change this Privacy Policy over time, sometimes without notifying you in advance. The site user must always be aware of BitiCodes’s current Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, and cookie policy.

If you have questions regarding privacy and our handling of your Personal Data, use the Contact Us form to let us know.

1. Personal Data

Personal Data is an umbrella term that encompasses any personally identifiable information about the user. In the most basic sense, it includes your name, email address, and phone number. It can also include additional details, such as your physical address, the number of and other information in your national identity document, if you have provided a copy of it, any photos or video and audio recordings where your image or voice can be identified, and so forth.

1.1 How Does BitiCodes Gather Personal Data?

When you interact with our website, you might share some of your Personal Data with us. In most cases, you will be aware of this process, but sometimes it might be less obvious, as in the case of cookies.

To exemplify further, here are the main ways in which you, the user, give us access to your Personal Data.

1.2 Why Does the Data Controller Need Access to Your Personal Data?

For the purposes of this document, the BitiCodes website is to be considered the Data Controller because we own and run the website you share your data with.

We need to collect some of your Personal Data to provide services to you. BitiCodes adheres to all relevant privacy legislation (including but not limited to the GDPR) when collecting and processing the users’ Personal Data. We do not ask you to provide more details about yourself than is necessary for the fulfilment of our services.

There are several reasons why we might need access to your Personal Data. They are:

You may also provide your Personal Data with explicit consent in other cases not covered in the aforementioned categories.

1.3 How Does BitiCodes Use Your Personal Data?

Before we explain how we use any Personal Data we collect from our users, we must clarify that BitiCodes does not store any of this information. We only relay your Personal Data to our third-party broker partners, who are then responsible for processing and storing it in their databases.

When BitiCodes matches you with a brokerage, it will contact you via one of its representatives and introduce itself. You will then be able to communicate with the broker directly, ask it about handling your Personal Data, and even request that it deletes it.

As for BitiCodes’s usage of your Personal Data, we utilise it in the following ways:

1.3.1 Providing Services

We need to process your data to provide some of our services to you. For example, you have to share some personal details if you want us to open an account for you. Similarly, if you send us a question via the Contact Us form, we need your contact info so our reply can reach you.

1.3.2 Promoting Special Offers

When you have agreed to it, we have your permission to process your Personal Data to keep you informed about our latest special offers and exclusive promotions that may benefit you.

1.3.3 Improving BitiCodes

We may also use your Personal Data to study the performance of our Website Content and develop ideas to improve the BitiCodes experience for our customers. In this case, using your data as feedback is considered a legitimate interest.

1.4 Cookies

Cookies are an important feature for all websites. They help online businesses like ourselves deliver a smooth, customised experience to their users. They also enable certain website functions and provide valuable performance data to developers.

Cookies are essentially just a bit of text unique to each user. The first time you visit our website, they are generated by our server and sent to your device to label it as ’you.’ Then, when you return to our site later, our server can easily recognise you.

1.4.1 How Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies offer a reliable, non-intrusive way for developers to understand how our website performs. They can tell us if our users enjoy a particular type of content and skip over other aspects of our site, for example. More importantly, they can also show if site visitors are running into any technical problems that we might not be aware of otherwise.

1.4.2 What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

The BitiCodes website generally uses three kinds of cookies:

1.5 How Do We Store Your Personal Data?

BitiCodes itself does not require your Personal Data for anything besides providing the services you request of us, for example, registering an account. We use whatever Personal Data is necessary to fulfil our contract with you and do not store it afterwards.

Instead, we send your Personal Data over to our partners, i.e., the brokerages that can provide financial services to you. From that point on, these third parties are responsible for your Personal Data’s processing and storage. You can communicate with them directly to learn more about their handling of your Personal Data or request that they delete it from their databases.

1.6 Is Your Personal Data Protected?

BitiCodes remains committed to providing a safe, reliable website experience. Thus, we have a number of security measures in place on our website that ensure your Personal Data is secure when you share it with us. We do not allow any unauthorised access to your Personal Data.

Naturally, when BitiCodes provides a service to you, some of our staff might see your Personal Data to process your request. Rest assured that only staff essential to the fulfilment of the task is involved. Furthermore, all our employees are under NDAs and are legally required to keep your Personal Data confidential to the extent privacy laws require it.

Note that BitiCodes might be legally required to divulge some information about a user in some cases. For instance, if one of our users is involved in a criminal investigation, the local authorities might request to see our records of that user’s activity on our site. When this is done in keeping with the applicable legislation, BitiCodes will have to comply with such requests. Regardless, we would always take the time to carefully review any such request to ensure it is legitimate before sharing any of your Personal Data.

1.7 Whom Do We Share Your Personal Data with?

Though BitiCodes is the primary Data Collector, we do need to share your Personal Data with some additional Data Processors to ensure the smooth operation of our website(s). For instance, the IT service providers we use to maintain this website or any employees that help answer your questions may have access to your Personal Data. Moreover, we might also have to share some of your Personal Data for other reasons already covered in this section.

2. What Are Your Rights?

All BitiCodes website users have a set of privacy-related rights guaranteed by the GDPR and other applicable privacy legislation. If you want to exercise any of these rights or learn more about them, please contact us.

(1) Right to access: you can request from us to give you access to any Personal Data of yours we might have;

(2) Right to rectification: you can request that we edit some of your Personal Data if you believe it contains mistakes or inaccuracies;

(3) Right to erasure: you can request that we delete your Personal Data from our records. In this case, we would also notify any other related Data Processors of your wishes so that they also delete any copies of your Personal Data they have.

(4) Right to restriction: you can request that we limit access to your Personal Data for a time in some exceptional cases. For instance, if you have opened a privacy dispute, you might prefer to keep your data restricted until the dispute is resolved.

(5) Right to portability: you can request that we send any Personal Data of yours we have on hand to a third-party website or resource, as long as this process is covered in the GDPR or other privacy legislation that may apply.

(6) Right to complain: you can lodge a formal complaint regarding the collection, processing, storage, erasure, or other manipulations of your Personal Data with the privacy authority in your country of residence.

In addition, you also are entitled to:

Additional provisions may apply, depending on what the privacy laws are like in your jurisdiction. Use the Contact Us form if you have any questions or wish to exercise your privacy rights.

3. Glossary

For your convenience, we have included the definitions of some of the most important legal terms used in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Processing: all possible manipulations and operations with your Personal Data, such as collecting, storing, changing, retrieving, moving, copying, deleting it, and more.