Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information about cryptocurrency trading? Have questions about the services offered? We at BitiCodes answer some frequently asked questions.

What Is BitiCodes?

BitiCodes is a novel marketing tool that connects brokers and traders. Some of our partners offer sophisticated trading tools, learning materials, a variety of assets, and ongoing support. We provide our services for free as our partners compensate us at no extra cost to you. Note that we are not financial advisors.

Is Using BitiCodes Safe?

Regarding data security, using BitiCodes to connect with a reputable broker is 100% safe. We will never use or sell your data without your consent. That said, it’s your responsibility to check the privacy policies of any third sites you use. Regarding the safety of your assets, on the other hand, trading remains risky - you risk losing your entire capital!

Is BitiCodes User-friendly?

Yes, the BitiCodes site is highly beginner-friendly. It offers intuitive features and unprecedented speed. Newbies can easily create an account and connect with a broker. However, we advise beginners to consult a licensed financial professional before getting started to limit poor financial choices.

Is It Legit?

Yes, BitiCodes is 100% legit. We are a marketing platform that partners with vetted brokers. That said, access to our website does not necessarily mean that the services offered by the broker are regulated in your country. Cryptocurrency regulations vary throughout the globe, and regulatory changes affect market prices. Do your due diligence!

How Much Money Do I Need to Use BitiCodes?

You do not need anything to join BitiCodes. You can create an account for free. Then, the only amount you need is a small deposit of $250 required by the broker (no upper limits). This amount will be your actual trading capital. No hidden fees!

What Are Trading Bots?

Trading robots are software programs that allow traders to execute trades faster based on preset trading parameters and market data, eliminating human emotions. While such tools can help experienced traders, they may be complex and unsuitable for beginners. Also, remember that there are no one-size-fits-all strategies in trading, and past performance cannot guarantee future results.

Should I Use a Demo Account?

Demo trading may be ideal for beginners. It allows traders to practice and polish their trading strategy without risking real money. It is up to you whether or not to start with a demo account. Even if you use a demo account, you should still invest a lot of time in researching the market and the assets of your choice.

Is There a BitiCodes App?

BitiCodes is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Some of our partners also offer a dedicated app to trade, which can be downloaded for free. Being highly accessible helps traders from all over the globe. You can even get started from the comfort of your home. All you need is a good internet connection!

How Can I Get Started via BitiCodes?

Getting started is simple. Almost anyone who is willing to embrace the ups and downs of the crypto world can join BitiCodes. Fill out the registration form, and we will automatically transfer you to a broker. Then, your personal account manager will call you to verify your details and explain more about the trading tools offered, including trading robots, mobile trading, copy trading, demo features, and more. If you are satisfied with the trading infrastructure provided by the broker, you can proceed to the next step and activate your account. All you need is a small deposit of $250. No hidden fees, multiple payment methods accepted! Now all you have to do is pick assets to diversify your portfolio and enjoy the whole trading journey!

Can I Make Money Trading?

Definitely! The cryptocurrency sector is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities, and many have already built a crypto fortune. That said, given the volatility of the market, the sector remains risky. Did you know that according to stats, over 80% of beginners lose and quit? But hey, one should understand that losses are normal. Simply never invest more than you can lose, and embrace the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading.

Why Cryptocurrency?

While crypto trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, there are many reasons to invest in the sector. From top players like Bitcoin to Ethereum to new NFTs and DEXs, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have numerous applications, which often go beyond finance. Some believe that cryptos can replace fiat money and traditional banking services. Who knows?! For now, there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. So what savvy investors like yourself can do is enter the sector NOW!